More than just a dynamic little accessory for everyone’s home gym, these powerful cast iron bells are deeply ingrained in Russian history – meaning they’re destined to be in the hands of the strong, right?

Following its use in the Russian army, the craze for the kettlebell spread so vast that it was no longer a mere conditioning tool, but it developed its own sport and was even declared the national sport. It was even advocated as a mandatory form of training for all workers during the Cold War since it was proven to bring a fitter population with higher productivity. So forget the trendy brain supplements, grab yourself a kettlebell and put in some candid hard graft!

Commando Temple Peak District runs inclusive small group training and PT suitable for people of all abilities. We have a wide range of kettlebells and experienced coaches who can break down even the most complex movements so that you learn the movements with excellent technique.

Our group sessions are capped at 6 people, to ensure excellent quality and plenty of personalised tuition.

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